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For your first  six months in Taiwan you will be taxed at 20%. After that, you will be taxed at 6%. You will get back up to 70% of the original 20% at tax time provided that your  start-work date is July 1st  or earlier in the calendar year. But if  you can't stay 183 days in a calendar year, you will forfeit all of your taxes to the Taiwan Government. So it's worth considering carefully your arrival date. On the other hand, tax is so low here compared to many other countries that you don't need to worry too much about it!

The following information is taken from American Citizen Services


Individual employers are responsible for obtaining work permits for foreign workers in Taiwan. Your employer will determine the appropriate government agency that regulates the work or profession you are engaged in, and will prepare the necessary documents to submit to that agency for issuance of a work permit. While specific requirements may vary from agency to agency, the following documents are required for all types of work permits:

* An original diploma showing the highest degree received; It can be authenticated in Taiwan.
* Resume;
* A health certificate issued by a pre-approved public hospital in Taiwan (see attached list of hospitals) or a hospital approved by TECRO if issued in the United States.

After the appropriate government agency receives all the necessary documents a work permit will be issued. (Processing time may take as long as two months but usually under a month). 


Holders of an Alien Resident Certificate are required to appear at the Foreign Affairs Police station nearest to your place of residence to apply for an Exit and Re-Entry Permit prior to departing from Taiwan. (Processing time for Exit and Re-entry Permits is approximately one hour. The Permits are valid for six months). If the ARC holder has been in Taiwan for over 90 days, s/he must present an income tax certificate, which may obtained from the National Tax Administration/Foreign Affairs Division at Chung Hwa Road, Section 1, #2, Taipei, tel: 2311-3711.


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