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A Typical Day

We have  preschool classes in ABC from 1:30pm to 5:00pm, so sometimes take a half hour segment with them.


 Usually in the morning you are free. You can find your own kindergarten, high school or private  teaching hours if you want.


You can have a siesta at lunchtime or go for a swim until your afternoon classes start.  Half day classes start from 1:30pm. You can teach private classes if you want to keep really busy. And during the summer you'll be busy all day! After 4pm the kids finish regular school and come to learn English at ABC American School. 


We have ten air-conditioned classrooms and an air-conditioned playroom. The teaching is activity based; you can plan many of your own tried and true activities and supplement our existing course.
There will be an English speaking secretary to deal with the parents and help you communicate if you need help.
You can increase your income by taking optional evening courses with older children, or take a few adult one-to-one classes to stimulate those brain cells and give you some variety. 

Most schools have classes of over 20 students, whereas we have a maximum of 10 (mostly around 6); you'll really notice your students' progress and ability to communicate will be much faster due to more personal attention per child.

Give it a go!

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  ABC American School  Fengyuan , Taichung, Taiwan   Registration Number:  0634
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