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  Some Commonly asked Questions...  or  Taiwan General Info

  1. Who will I be working with ?
  2. What kind of classes will I be teaching ?
  3. How much can I really save ?
  4. Who is the boss ?
  5. What should I bring to Taiwan ?
  6. When is the best time to come to Taiwan ?
  7. What can I do in my spare time around Fengyuan?
  8. Where can I travel to in Taiwan in my vacation?
  9. How do I apply ?


Who will I be working with?  

You will be part of a team of teachers.  You can see some of our other teachers here... Most of the teachers have years of experience and can help you get adjusted to teaching in Taiwan. We have a meeting every week to catch up and plan any activities for the next week. 

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What kind of classes will I be teaching?

You will teach small children. This involves teaching the alphabet, guiding the class through their textbook, and improvising some games and songs for fun. As with all teaching their is a certain amount of performance involved; what other job can you do where you have bare feet, sing, dance and make silly faces at $550 an hour? 

In the afternoon you'll be teaching small groups ( 4 - 8 kids ) of elementary school children. They come in either every day, or twice a week,for two hours, and the two hour period is divided into four half hour classes, split between different teachers. The curriculum is well organized and fairly easy to follow.

In the evening, you may wish to take one-to-one  young adults or adult classes. These range from total beginners to highly proficient speakers of English.

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How much can I really save?

This is a hard question to answer because everyone's spending habits are different, but... let's do the math for a month...                                                       Income  - expenses = saving

If you work 30 hours a week for a month                                                              = 30 x 4.2 weeks = 126hrs @ 550 /hr = NT$69300 less 6% tax = NT$65142 income

expenses: rent 6000 + food 6000 + daily goods 2000 = NT$14000

$59220 - $14000 = $45220 

Now you'd have to work out your setup costs like getting here and buying a bike and average it out over the length of time you plan to stay. Then convert that to your own currency. AND take off something for vacations, shopping sprees and the occasional splurge at a Western restaurant.

What it boils down to is 'The more time you work, the more you make, and the less time you have to spend it' . 

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Who is the boss ?

Jessica and Vincent are the managers who organize the classes and set the timetable.  Jessica teaches individual classes in the morning and group classes in the afternoon and evening . She graduated from university in Australia and established ABC American School in 1994. She is a great manager as she is organized and understanding. Vincent spent more than 10 years in America so there won't be any communication problems with him either. He has a young son here at ABC so his heart is in job!

If you need anything, they're the ones to see!

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What should I bring to Taiwan ?

Apart from your academic degree and passport, bring light clothes; sandals, plenty of shorts and short sleeved shirts. Teachers should be casual but neat (so leave the designer torn jeans at home with the nose studs and purple hair gel) .Even in winter it doesn't get that cold; a windproof jacket over a shirt, with jeans is plenty. You can get anything you need here at reasonable prices.  

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When is the best time to get to Taiwan?

Ideally, you'd arrive in late May or late November, which would give you over a full month to get your working visa and start working before June 30 or the end of the year. In that way you could get the tax break and only pay 6%. Otherwise you have to pay 20% first, with a refund later on. 

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What can I do around Fengyuan?

Swim (in one of many swimming pools), walk (in the hills above Fengyuan... very nice), eat out (cheap 'n delicious), movies, internet cafes, bars, coffee shops, Chinese Tea Houses, a department store, snooker, bowling, night market, eat, eat, and eat.... 

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How do I apply?

Send an email to Vincent @ ABCAmericanSchool.bizland.com expressing interest and ask for an application form.  

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