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Our teachers and staff!

Jessica graduated from university in Australia and established ABC American School in 1994. She is a great manager as she is organized and understanding!                     Hi! I'm Jandy.             

    Jessica                                                      Jandy                

 Jessica @ ABCAm....       

Hi! I'm Vincent.                 






                                                                                    Vincent @ ABCAmericanSchool.bizland.com                          Daniel


 Stef is 1/2 Canadian..Well, she loves Canada and eating  and shopping and chatting! She is popular with everybody!                Hi! I'm Tammy! I teach the After-school-care Class!    

           Stepheny                                         Tammy








Send mail to  Vincent @ ABCAmericanSchool.bizland.com with questions or comments about this web site.
  ABC American School  Fengyuan , Taichung, Taiwan   Registration Number:  0634
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